Zip by Creates New Competitive Advantage legitimate Estate Agents


Ziptohome is proud to announce a state launch of the digital marketing offering for agents.

Agents can create exclusive Internet exposure inside their favorite territories and premium zip codes. These are just some of the wonderful features you discover at Zip to Home.

Lead Generation


When asked about their new program, founder Kevin Alvarez said, " With agent memberships we now have done an incredible job of mixing social media marketing, demographic retargeting and blogging in a superbly cost-effective package for agents nationally.

Real estate professionals gets the net exposure they need to generate leads anywhere in the usa. Zip to home specifically targets real estate buyers and sellers and offers all of them with an easily searchable real-time database of homes and properties listed available nationwide.

What is my home worth

With this comprehensive bundle of top rated features and products plus our aggressive pricing, your advertising cost is significantly reduced which greatly helps your ROI!

Agents can register on Ziptohome for $19.95/month with 3 subscriptions per zip code, agents can minimize their competition and maximize their lead generating exposure. Agents can check the option of their territory and sign up at